Interview with Davar AzarbeygUI

Text by Natalja Laurey

Davar calls himself a design ambassador, with a specialization in identity and brand development for start-ups and established businesses.He works as a design director for Landor and Fitch as well as a design instructor at the University of Cincinnati. He was born in Iran and loves to celebrate the diversity and beauty in design. He has a background in Graphic Design (Pratt Institute), especially typography, and loves to communicate this in his work.


Liminality and the potentiality of the in-between

Change. It defines who we are, what we live and how we see the world.

It allows us to grow as human beings. To witness the four seasons.

To welcome and to say goodbye. Yet, even though, as Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote, "change is the only constant in life", most of us have not yet found a language to cope with it.


Interview with Josh Rose

Josh Rose is an artist, filmmaker & photographer. He is a fourth generation Los Angelino and together with his family he lives in Venice Beach. He grew up in a creative community in Los Angeles. He studied Fine Arts and then worked in commercial arts for like 20 years. He worked at an agency and did advertising and branding for large organizations varying from Volkswagen, PlayStation to the US army. In the last few years, especially since 2018, he has been more focused on developing his own voice in the art world. He is an artist in residence at various dancing organizations.