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In the upcoming Postall magazine (Vol.4), we explore the concept of belonging.

One of the ways in which people can create a feeling of existential security is through nurturing a sense of belonging - whether that is to a family, a group of friends or even a place. Feeling that you are part of something larger than yourself can give you a sense of direction. It gives purpose. A feeling of support. It is no surprise that in unprecedented times like these, there is a flourishing of collectives, communities and other systems of belonging.

When we belong, we feel membership. Being part of a group of people who have much in common. This can be abstract things like values, cultures and habits, but also more concrete things like the way we dress, talk and act. Also, we can feel 'ownership'. The responsibility of (co)constructing a community. Making the interpersonal connection last beyond the now. Citing Peter Block, writer of the book ‘Community’ (2018): “to belong is to act as an investor, owner and creator of this place."

Belonging, in other words, gives us much more than comfort, amusement and pleasure. It gives us something more lasting. It gives us identity and responsibility. To belong, some might say, is the essence of what makes us humans.

What does belonging mean to you? When did you feel you belonged to something? Please share your experiences and interpretations through submitting photography, poetry, writing or any other creative output. We welcome your story.  

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If your work gets selected you'll get a special place in the next issue of our magazine

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